Objectives and internal functioning


Biteri Halls of Residence endorses the objectives and strategies of both the Polytechnic College and Mondragon University, but it also offers its very own educational project based on self-management and shared living, in an attempt to include aspects that are complementary to the academic curriculum.

Therefore, the Residence Hall is a project based on people, integrated in Mondragon University and MONDRAGON, whose raison d´être is:

“To offer opportunities where the resident student experiences education based on cooperative values and life-long learning as a key component of social development.”


The responsibility of managing the Residence Hall lies with the Coordination Team, and it is their decision to share this responsibility with all the resident students. The Residence Hall constitutes a community, and as such the everyday co-living and participation are the foundations of the way we do things.

To guarantee the rights of all the members of the community which the people in the Hall form a part, this community needs regulations.