Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Energy and Power Electronics


120 ECTS

2 years



Class size

24 places


Spanish, English



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With the aim of moulding studies and the educational paradigm to the new demands of society, as well as the drive to transform higher education as we create the european higher education area, we begin the process of creating a new education model that coherently embraces new degrees with new currícula.

This is characterised by the acquisition of competences, evidenced by results of study, the continuous and wide-ranging evaluation of students work, the integration of work placements with academic planning, internationalisation, the use of methodologies for the active learning and trilingual training.

The design of the Masters degree is based on the professional functions of graduates in the working environment and competences in the academic environment.

The intervention didactic focuses on the use of methodologies to promote active participation in the learning process, being the key to learning based on problems orientated towards interdisciplinary projects.

The evaluation of student learning is continuous over the semesters, in which teacher feedback is a key factor.

Educational experiences