Official Degree

Master's Degree in Energy and Power Electronics


120 ECTS

2 years



Class size

24 places


Spanish, English



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The School of Engeneering has Three Campus

The EPS has three campus areas: the Mondragon campus (Mondragon), the Goerri (Ordizia) campus and the Donostialdea (Orona Ideo-innovation city) campus. Our principal activities are training, research, development and innovation.

The Mondragon Campus

This campus is in two parts: the first part was formerly the polytechnic school, here, in addition to the necessary training facilities (library, laboratories, workshops, etc) can be found the sports facilities, the bar and several multipurpose rooms. The second part, very close, contains the Garaia innovation centre, where telecommunications studies take place, equipped with some of the most cutting-edge laboratories in the field. In the Mondragon campus, the following undergraduate studies are offered:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development
  • Engineering in Industrial Management
  • Engineering in Industrial Electronics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineering in Telecommunications Systems
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Masters Degree in Strategic Design of Products and Services
  • Masters Degree in Energy and Power Electronics
  • Masters Degree in Embedded Systems
  • Masters degree in Biomedical Technologies
  • Masters degree in Robotics and Control Systems
  • Masters degree in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, and Development and Operations