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Master's Degree in Digital Marketing



1 year



Chamber of Gipuzkoa - San Sebastian





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The facilities are divided into three layers spread over different inter-connected floors where the following can be found.

  • Offices of innovative companies: There is a space with offices of young innovative companies working in sectors that are strategic for the city and that have future growth potential in the urban setting. These companies are already at a more developed stage, have a degree of consolidation and are generating profits and new jobs.
  • University activities: advanced training programmes are held at the university for undergraduate or graduate students or research and transference where innovation and entrepreneurship are interdisciplinary development skills. Students participate in activities at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, and they interact with entrepreneurs and resident projects as well as the other companies located in the same building such that a natural osmosis occurs between them.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship centre: The social innovation centre makes it possible to connect with different organisations, ideas, projects, initiatives... positioning it as a neutral and open space; an edge space where innovation happens. New ideas are generated in the centre and new business projects are incubated during their earliest stages.

It also has several classrooms for working in teams in addition to a bar/coffee shop and places to relax.