Work experience and projects

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management



1 year


Oñati, Bilbao





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Internships and End-of-Master’s Project

"Gain professional experience while specialising for the accounting and financial management of any organisation"

Thanks to the challenge-based learning methodology that we use, you will finish the Master's Degree with experience as a professional in Accounting and Financial Management, because throughout the degree you will resolve real challenges, do internships and an End-of-Master’s Project in a national or international company such as Ulma, CAF, GKN, etc...

In this way, you can gain experience and above all, apply the knowledge learnt in class to real environments, developing the competencies and skills that the job market demands from a profile such as yours. You will also have the possibility of combining your studies and work from the start or at different times of the degree, so that you can finance your studies.  


512x262 Ainhoa Aizpuru
Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance Management

“The experience has been totally positive. This Master's Degree has helped me to complete my accounting and financial knowledge. I would like to pinpoint the End-of-Master's Project, as I consider it to be very enriching, providing the option to put all of the theory knowledge acquired during the course into practice. Lastly, since we were a small group of students, the relationship with our tutors was very friendly and personalised. I would definitely recommend this Master's to anyone who is interested in completing their financial training”.


512x262 Ainhoa Barreiro
Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance Management

"The work experience at companies was the cornerstone of my learning process, as you develop skills that you don't get in the academic environment. I am very grateful for the training offered by Mondragon Unibertsitatea because it has a close relationship with companies and updates the content to be taught based on the current needs of companies."



512x262 Alberto Agirre
Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance Management

“I would like to mention two key points about the financial and accounting Master's Degree offered by Mondragon Unibertsitatea . On the one hand, the knowledge acquired in the classroom is fully in line with the good performance of daily work in the financial-accounting department of a company, and on the other hand, being able to carry out internships in a company introduces the student to a real situation, which makes the Master's training complete overall. Lastly, I would like to add that it is a small group of students, so there is a very close relationship between them and the teachers.”



Work Placement

You will have the opportunity to do work experience and the End-Of-Master's Project at key national and international companies.


What is the End-of-Master's Project?

  • You will be able to design and develop your own project related to accounting or business finance
  • You will do the End-of-Master's Project whilst on work placement at a company
  • Essential requirements for completing the Master's Degree
  • You will be tutored by the University and the company so that you can complete your End-of-Master's Project
  • Study financial aid

Examples  of the End-of-Master's Project

  • Advising companies – Everis
  • Value new companies - IKEI
  • Programming the production of a product line - Pasquier