Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management



1 year


Oñati, Bilbao





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Learning based on real projects for Accounting and FInancial Management

During the Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management, you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in class in real environments by undertaking projects. You will be presented with accounting and financial challenges from leading companies in which you must analyse, investigate and experiment to develop an effective goal-oriented solution.   

Furthermore, during the teaching period, the Master's Degree sessions will consist of master classes, practical workshops and open days.

In this way you will learn about the reality of your future profession and acquire key knowledge such as: auditing, management control of business groups and risk management.


Advantages of challenge-based learning

A large part of the Master's Degree is especially focused on practice, so that you can assimilate all the theoretical knowledge through its practical application to the different situations of the challenges and projects that will arise. 

Be responsible for your learning

You will develop your skills to extract the necessary information that allows you to acquire highly relevant knowledge and skills to work as an accounting and finance expert.

100% relevant projects

The projects made up of 100% real challenges that companies will pose to you will allow you to learn about your profession from the inside, while you are acquiring knowledge and applying tools.


Project Manager

To solve the challenges and work experience you will have to do, you will have the assistance and guidance of the university tutor and the professionals of the companies where you will carry out the internship.

We get results

The challenge-based learning model is specially designed to improve the assimilation of knowledge, as well as its practical application by students, improving their professional experience.