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Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management



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Oñati Campus

Starting in September, 2010, the Business School's Oñati campus has moved to a new building, also located in Oñati. The building is 8328.64 m2 with 1448 m2 used for classrooms (all of which have projectors and power outlets and data ports for each student even though there is WiFi in the entire building), 240 m2 for computer rooms and 253 m2 for study rooms. The estimated area for coordinating and carrying out academic staff duties totals 1640 m2 (PDI, PAS, coordination offices, meeting and archive rooms).

We have a 735 m2 library that includes a reading room and stacks, quiet area, multi-media room and work rooms in addition to spaces used for library management.

Access to the catalogue of the library's collections and other sources of information is available from 20 computers inside the library or via the library's web site, which can be accessed from any computer inside or outside the business school.

The rest of the building is comprised of common areas (facilities, stairways, hallways, vestibule, restrooms, dressing rooms, first aid) copy services, a restaurant/coffee shop of approximately 300 m2, two offices and a great hall of 300 m2 with seating for 250 people, which can be divided into two smaller spaces, one of which can be a multi-disciplinary space.

The building doesn't have any architectural barriers because it was built recently and the current regulations were applied.

Because there is an electric co-generation plant nearby, it is possible to use the cooling water from the plant to heat the building. Additionally, the building has a “double skin” that prevents heat from entering. Both of these measures contribute to energy savings.

Students have access to all the facilities mentioned above during ample opening hours from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM.