Entry requirements

Official Degree

Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Arrasate-Mondragón, Bilbao AS Fabrik (Zorrozaurre)

Class size

80 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Requirements to study Mechatronics Engineering 

If you are thinking of studying this kind of mechatronics-focussed engineering, you should firstly take a look at these statements and check that you identify with them:



I like creating new objects, experimenting and innovating.

Putting together and trying out

I like to know how things work and new movements, put things together and take them apart, thing things out, strip them down, etc...


I work well in multidisciplinary groups and I'm not afraid to lead them...


Robotics and Automation

I like the world of robots and I am curious to find out how they work


I have a head for figures and physics and I'm good with mathematics


"Recognise yourself here? Then the Mechatronics Engineering degree is the ideal choice for you.."


There are two ways you can access this degree

After having completed Baccalaureate or Higher Level Vocational Training.

You have studied Baccalaureate

It is recommended that you have studied the Baccalaureate in Science. It is important that you have studied Physics and Mathematics, as well as Technical Drawing, Technology and Chemistry.

You have studied Higher Level Vocational Training

Ideally, you should have studied a Higher Level Vocational Training of the associate partners of mechatronics such as "Mecatrónica Industrial" or "Automation and Robotics".

Here you can see the Regulatory Framework of the credit recognition and transfer system.

If you have a Higher Level Vocational Training degree you will be able to attain the university degree in 3 years as the second year of the degree will be validated. In addition, in July and September of the first year you will have a support course for working the mathematics and physics.

50% of the vacancies offered will be reserved for students in possession of an official Higher Level Vocational Training degree from the groups and qualifications indicated below:

  • Installation and Maintenance Family
    • Industrial Mechatronics
  • Electricity – Electronics Family
    • Industrial Automation and Robotics
    • Electrotechnical and automated systems
    • Electronic maintenance
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Family
    • Mechanical manufacturing production programming
    • Mechanical manufacturing design
    • Metal constructions

If you are thinking of studying the Mechatronics Engineering degree, you should carry out this process.



General entry requirements


Grades and entrance tests


Admission process



Registration and enrolment


80 Places (all campuses)


Degree Subjects

  • Mechatronic Design
  • Mechatronic Systems Assembly Laboratory
  • Production Equipment and Automated Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Robotic Systems and Artificial Vision
  • Design and Testing of Mechanical Systems

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Linguistic requirements

The degree in Mechatronics Engineering is taught at two campuses (Mondragon and Bilbao AS Fabrik) and each campus follows its own linguistic model.

  • AS Fabrik Bilbao Campus: about 70% of the subjects are taught in Spanish and about 30% in English. However, there is the option of taking the mathematics and physics subjects of the 1st year in Basque (as long as there are enough students who request it).
  • Arrasate-Mondragon Campus: around 60% of the subjects are taught in Basque, around 20% in Spanish and the remaining 20% in English.

It is desirable that before enrolling you have previously acquired the language skills corresponding to each campus:


Language Reads Speaks Writes
Basque C1 C1 C1
Spanish C1 C1 C1
English B2 B1 B2


Language Reads Speaks Writes
Spanish C1 C1 C1
English B2 B1 B2