Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Arrasate-Mondragón, Bilbao AS Fabrik (Zorrozaurre)

Class size

80 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Objectives and competencies

"You will develop the skills to automate and optimize processes, manage maintenance tasks, implement improvements in production equipment and develop intelligent solutions".

We live in a world in which technology is advancing ever more rapidly. We look for devices, products or machines that make life easier for us, in the workplace and in everyday life.

In the Mechatronics Engineering Degree you will be trained to develop, assemble, maintain and optimize products, systems, machines, installations or industrial processes integrating different functions and making use of different mechanical, electronic or automation tools.

In addition, you will learn in a practical way, applying the knowledge you acquire to real environments, working side by side with companies and participating in their projects from the outset.

In this way, you will be able to offer solutions with greater added value, more advanced and innovative, achieving solutions that respond to technical specifications from an intelligent systems perspective, integrating different engineering specialties.

So, after graduating you will have the necessary skills to:


Maintain installations

Address and optimise activities such as assembly, commissioning, support and maintenance of installations, machinery and industrial mechatronic systems


Design mechatronic systems

Develop and design products, equipment and mechatronic systems in compliance with the technical, economic, and established security requirements.


Industrial automation

Implement and set up projects for the automation and control of flexible industrial processes and systems, by integrating the hardware and software.



Coordination of teams

Technically manage work groups and people in activities such as assembly, commissioning, support and maintenance of installations and production systems.


The learning outcomes achieved in this degree are in line with Level 2 of the MECES (Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications).

Students who meet the requirements set out in Decree 47/2012 of 3 April on ‘Recognition of official studies carried out in the Basque Country and exemption from accreditation with degrees and linguistic certificates in the Basque language’,you will be able to obtain exemption from accreditation of the level equivalent to C1 (EGA).


Requirements for studying Mechatronic Engineering

  •   I have always liked robots and all types of machines
  •   I enjoy IT and computers
  •   I love numbers, mathematics and physics


  •   I like order and I am somewhat of a perfectionist
  •   I am not scared of challenges, what's more, solving them is what motivates me
  •   I enjoy finding out how the things we all use are made


Recognise yourself? If so, the Mechatronics degree is the ideal choice for you, as it combines various fields such as IT, electronics, mechanics or automation, integrating them into a multidisciplinary engineering.


Requirements for access to the Degree in Mechatronics Engineering



  • Mechatronic Design
  • Mechatronic Systems Assembly Laboratory
  • Production Equipment and Automated Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Robotic Systems and Artificial Vision
  • Design and Testing of Mechanical Systems


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You will be able to work in sectors such as machine tooling, automation, aeronautics, technology or health sciences where you will hold positions such as:

  • Person responsible for managing assembly teams.
  • Technical direction of assembly.
  • Head of mechatronic design/development
  • Specialist in Advanced Manufacturing
  • Management of industrial processes and systems

Professional opportunities with the Degree