Fees, grants and scholarships

Official Degree

Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Arrasate-Mondragón, Bilbao AS Fabrik (Zorrozaurre)

Class size

80 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Fees, grants and scholarships


Annual amount for the 2023-24 academic year, which will be updated by the Governing Council in July 2023



This amount may be paid as a single payment or in instalments, thus:

  • First payment on formalising the enrolment (online) (1200 € *) + Rest of Single payment by direct debit (october).
  • First payment on formalising the enrolment (online) (1200 € *) + Rest 3 payment by direct debit (1/3 october + 1/3 january +1/3 march).
  • First payment on formalising the enrolment (online) (1200 € *) + Rest 8 payment by direct debit (october to may).
  • (*) This amount must be paid by card payment

Drop out request and refund of the frist enrolment payment:

  1. Drop out before the beginning of the new semester, the 50% of the enrolment fee will be refunded.
  2. Once the new academic year has estarted, no refund of the enrolment fee will be made.

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Scholarships and Grants



BEKABIDE Program: That no one stops studying at our university for economic reasons.

  • Basque Government Grants
  • Ministry of Education Grants
  • Erasmus Grants and other grants for international students
  • Allowances for Large Families
  • Allowances for victims of terrorism
  • Allowances for victims of gender violence
  • Allowances for students with distinction in High School
  • Allowances for combining studies and work
  • Allowances for End-of-Course Project

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