Fees, grants and scholarships

Official Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Global Digital Humanities


240 ECTS

4 years


Bilbao AS Fabrik (Zorrozaurre)

Class size

40 Places


Basque, Spanish and English



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Credits: 60 ECTS

Estimated cost for 2020-2021 (1. course): 6.360 €.


Grants and Scholarchips

Mondragon University offers various types of financial aid and financing so that no one need abandon his or her studies for economic reasons.

Official Scholarships

For students from the Basque Autonomous Community

  • General Scholarship (Basque Government).    
  • Scholarship for carrying out university-level or other upper-level studies.
  • Scholarship for academic excellence awarded to students with a record of high performance.
  • Government-regulated financial aid (by agreement between the Basque Government and Mondragon University). 

For students who are not from the Basque Autonomous Community

  • General Scholarship (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport). 

Finantial Aid Offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Education

  • Financial aid for students who graduated from high school with honors.
  • Financial aid for large families.
  • Financial aid for victims of gender-based violence.
  • Financial aid for victims of terrorism.
  • Opportunity for scholarship holders to work in different fields within the School. Studies outside the curriculum.
  • Opportunity to structure payments through Mondragon University’s Bekabide program. Bekabide.huhezi@mondragon.edu 

Finantial Aid For Abroad Studies

  • Financial aid for study abroad.
  • Complementary assistance for study abroad.

Other Financing Oportunities

  • Loans from the Caja Laboral to complete studies. Bekabide.huhezi@mondragon.edu
  • Opportunity for Mondragon University students to work at the Alecoop Cooperative.