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Official Degree

Graduate in Energy Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

40 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Once you have finished the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development you can study for a master's degree in order to specialise or you can start work.


Why study for a Master's degree?

Studying for a master's degree will help you to work in the area that you like best because you will acquire specialisation and knowledge thus broadening your opportunities in the future. And the fact is that it will take you one step ahead of the rest of the people with the same professional profile as you, leading you to be able to opt for more prestigious jobs with better pay.





You will be prepared as a professional, highly qualified in the study and specific analysis of power electronics applications, power electronic converters and electrical machines.


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University master's degree in Smart Energy Systems

You will be trained in the study and optimisation of energy systems. You will learn to use new digital tools to apply them to energy communities, electric vehicles and renewable energies, among others.


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University master's degree in business innovation and project management

You will have the necessary skills to promote innovation within any company, being able to organise and manage projects that bring improvements to the company.


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Master’s degree in electric mobility and energy storage

You will specialise and be trained in the design and development of power electronics solutions, storage systems and electric drives in applications related to electric mobility.


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Energy Engineering Related Courses

We know that a Master's degree requires a lot of time and effort, this is why if you want to do a course that will enable you to get up to date in the most recent developments in your field, we have just what you need. We have specialised courses that will allow you to acquire the knowledge necessary to stand out in your profession.


Electric vehicle course

You will learn the state-of-the-art of hybrid and electric vehicles and how to design a powertrain for such vehicles.

Renewable energy integration course

You will understand the structure of an aeroturbine, the aerodynamic theory and the general structure of a photovoltaic system in order to extract maximum power.

Electrical circuit design course

You will be able to use catalogues to select the electrical switchgear that meets the requirements of the application.


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Career opportunities in energy engineering

Energy is one of the main drivers of the Basque Country with a 100% guaranteed job opportunity and a wide range of positions in which you will be able to carry out tasks such as

  • Designing electrical installations
  • Maintenance of power plants and energy networks
  • Coordinating companies and institutions
  • Purchase and sale of energy services
  • Managing energy innovation
  • Auditing and certifying products
  • Managing projects and people

Professional opportunities with the Degree