Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Graduate in Energy Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

40 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Objectives and competences

"You will acquire the necessary knowledge to design, develop and implement sustainable energy systems"

This degree aims to train engineering professionals capable of identifying current and future energy needs, responding to the needs of business and society in this field, by researching and designing systems, processes and products.

Companies are increasingly turning to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, all of which consume large amounts of energy. Therefore, if they want to be efficient and competitive, they need to manage that energy efficiently.

Furthermore, you should bear in mind that society is changing its energy model and this fact has repercussions in the health (air quality), social (electric mobility) and, of course, technological (distributed generation, smart grids) spheres.

By the time you finish this degree, having learned through real-life challenges, you will have the skills needed to develop and implement projects related to energy generation, storage and consumption which are more environmentally friendly and that help companies to become more sustainable, efficient and competitive.

You will have the necessary skills to:

Identify current and future energy needs

You will have a thorough knowledge of the current energy sources and will be able to analyse the most important parameters that characterise them.

Design energy equipment

You will know the basic principles on which energy installations are founded (fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, automation, electronics, robotics) and you will be able to propose improvements for more efficient solutions.

Optimise the energy efficiency of systems

You will be able to make machines more effective and sustainable, reducing maintenance and service costs.


Analyse and size sustainable generation systems

You will be able to manage everything related to both renewable and non-renewable energies in order to optimise their energy efficiency.

Manage energy processes and smart networks

Improve network performance, reduce losses and make the energy transmission system more flexible, while maintaining its safety and reliability.


Transportation and sustainable housing

You will contribute to sustainable innovations in the field of electromobility (scooters, electric buses and cars...) as well as sustainable building (home insulation, energy certifications, heating systems...).


The learning outcomes achieved in this degree are in line with Level 2 of the MECES (Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications).

Students who meet the requirements set out in Decree 47/2012 of 3 April on ‘Recognition of official studies carried out in the Basque Country and exemption from accreditation with degrees and linguistic certificates in the Basque language’,you will be able to obtain exemption from accreditation of the level equivalent to C1 (EGA).


Requirements for studying Industrial Energy Engineering

  •   I am passionate about the world of energy.
  •   I am good at subjects such as physics and chemistry
  •   I care about the environment and nature


  •   I am an analytical, organised and logical person
  •   I like to work with others to get projects off the ground
  •   I would like to help reduce pollution


Recognise yourself? then this degree is the perfect one for you.


Entry requirements for the Bachelor's Degree in Energy Engineering


Degree subjects

  • Electrical Energy Conversion
  • Energy Storage Technology
  • Thermo-fluid Power Generation Cycles
  • Electromechanical Power Conversion
  • Energy Efficiency in Components
  • Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy
  • Energy Projects Office
  • Microprocessors
  • Electromechanical Power Conversion


Consult all the subjects of the Bachelor's Degree in Energy Engineering


Career opportunities in energy engineering 

Energy is one of the main drivers of the Basque Country with a 100% guaranteed job opportunity and a wide range of positions in which you will be able to carry out tasks such as

  • Designing electrical installations
  • Maintenance of power plants and energy networks
  • Coordinating companies and institutions
  • Purchase and sale of energy services
  • Managing energy innovation
  • Auditing and certifying products
  • Managing projects and people

Professional opportunities with the Degree