Energy Engineering

Official Degree

Graduate in Energy Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

40 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Want to build your future in energy engineering?

"You will contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, innovating in the design and development of renewable energy processes and systems"

After graduating in Energy Engineering you will be able to identify the current and future energy needs of our society. You will be able to respond to the requirements of companies in this field, researching and designing systems, processes and products.

The energy sector is one of the main drivers of the Basque Country's economy. Here, the driving effect of energy investment has been used to reinforce a strong activity and knowledge in the various links of the value chain.

Also, in these times of historically high energy consumption, it is imperative to promote a change in the way it is generated and consumed, encouraging energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources.

You will be able to offer sustainable energy solutions, implementing the use of renewable energies in companies and in society.

You would be studying this degree at the Galarreta campus. You will be trained in a giant energy laboratory where university, business (Orona) and research (Ikerlan) come together.


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Aprenderás practicando de forma que maximizarás tus posibilidades de encontrar trabajo (entre las ingenierías de mayor tasa de empleabilidad).

You will learn by doing, maximising your chances of finding a job (among the engineering courses with the highest rate of employment).

You will be able to train in the Dual mode: Work experience from the second year onwards and Final Degree Project in national or foreign companies.

You will take part in workshops and laboratories equipped with the latest technological equipment.

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Cutting-Edge technological infrastructure

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"From renewable energies to electric vehicles, learn how to build the future you imagine"


Degree subjects

  • Electrical Energy Conversion
  • Energy Storage Technology
  • Thermo-fluid Power Generation Cycles
  • Electromechanical Power Conversion
  • Energy Efficiency in Components
  • Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy
  • Energy Projects Office
  • Microprocessors
  • Electromechanical Power Conversion

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Career opportunities in energy engineering

Energy is one of the main drivers of the Basque Country with a 100% guaranteed job opportunity and a wide range of positions in which you will be able to carry out tasks such as

  • Designing electrical installations
  • Maintenance of power plants and energy networks
  • Coordinating companies and institutions
  • Purchase and sale of energy services
  • Managing energy innovation
  • Auditing and certifying products
  • Managing projects and people

Professional opportunities with the Degree