Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Graduate in Computer Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

60 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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The Polytechnic College of Mondragon University has its own innovative educational model. We prepare students for work, which is why, with this methodology, you will learn in the same way as you will work in the future. This educational model is comparable with models of universities in Northern Europe and the United States.

Students will have ongoing, global assessment and they will follow a problem- based methodology for which they will have to provide a solution:

  • Creating a team
  • Analysing the problem
  • Imagining all the possible solutions
  • Researching
  • Debating
  • Testing
  • Proving

At the end of the day, by facing real problems the students work their imagination, initiative, creativity and autonomy. At the same time, they will learn to work in a team, acquiring responsibilities and commitments, playing an active part in their studies.

Lecturers are not just people who teach, they are helpers, and therefore, the lecturer-student relationship is closer, as long as the student’s requirements are maintained.

The basis of this methodology is summarised in this sentence:


"Do not teach, let them learn."



Educational experiences