Official Degree

Graduate in Computer Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

60 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Infrastuctures and laboratories

Students undertake their studies in the Embedded Systems building in the Garaia Innovation centre. This building is especially designed for our educational model, based on the development of projects oriented to the resolution of problems. To achieve this, it has rooms for the team working and numerous meeting rooms for group discussions and debates. 

Students should have an electronic notebook and are provided with all the software needed for the development of their training, as well as a mail account and access to the Moodle education platform. 

Furthermore it has two laboratories with specific equipment:

  • Telematics laboratory: The students have the use of enterprise routers, wireless routers, switches, IP phones, scanners, network certifiers, firewalls and network simulators to do practical work with LANs, WANs, network servers and computer security.
  • Automation Laboratory: Equipped with Omron (series CJ1M) programmable automata. Panels are installed that allow external connection of sensors and/or actuators to their inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue. This is complemented by the necessary computer equipment, hardware and software, for the editing, running and monitoring of the execution of programmes.