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Energy storage

The Mondragon University Electric Energy research group focuses its activities in energy management, for applications such us distributed generation (generation, transmission and distribution), traction (rail and naval) and electronic devices (elevation, industrial processes, etc..).

The research lines are connected to the fields of power electronics and electrical machines, two of the basic components of most of the electronic devices under study. Hence, a detailed analysis of the final application allows a complete and balanced design and development of the electronic devices.

The research line in energy storage systems is focused in electrochemical energy storage technologies (LiOn, LeadAcid, NiMH,EDLC,LIC...):

  • Cells characterization and modelling included the electrochemical and thermal behavior and post-mortem.
  • Design, implementation and test of battery packs, included BMS.
  • Research in algorithms for State of Charge, Health and Functionality.
  • Hybrid energy storage systems.


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