Acoustics and Vibrations



The Acoustics and Vibration group of the Engineering Faculty of Mondragon University works on characterization and theoretical-experimental analysis of vibration and acoustic emissions, with the purpose to propose practical solutions that optimize the vibrational and acoustic behaviour of industrial products and processes. To this end it develops a knowledge generating and innovation activity (research) by means of generic projects and PhD thesis, which supports the accomplishment of application projects (transfer) for companies.


The Acoustics and Vibration Group develops its activity in the following fields:

  1.  Identifying noise and vibration sources, and analysis of both structural and airborne transmission paths, of pieces and structures:
    • Theoretical and experimental characterization of vibrational and acoustic behaviour.
    • Temporal and spectral analysis.
    • Experimental and operational modal analysis, ODS, ...
    • Acoustic intensity maps.
  2. Vibroacoustic Design:
    • Characterization of materials (damping, insulation and absorption) by experimental measurements and simulation methods.
    • Simulation of parts and structures to optimize their vibroacoustic behaviour: analysis of distribution of mass, stiffness and damping.
  3. Sound Quality:
    • Subjective analysis by means of jury tests (of original or edited sounds to assess the effect of design modifications).
    • Objective analysis (calculation of metrics).
    • Obtaining psychoacoustic models (by multiple linear regressions).
    • Definition of product sound quality.

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