U-Multirank, a ranking elaborated by the European Commission, is considered the largest and most detailed university ranking in the world (www.umultirank.org). It is a unique tool used to compare university performance at an international level.

In its last edition, corresponding to 2018, it analysed more than 1,600 higher education institutions from 95 countries.

This ranking offers a complete panorama of the diverse results of universities in five aspects: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.

In the area of knowledge transfer, Mondragon University has maintained first position at national level and has advanced 4 positions at a European level moving from 37th in the last edition to 33rd position. It is ranked as excellent in sections such as co-authorship mainly with industrial partners, and is also outstanding in research revenue from private sources, patents in collaboration with industry, spin-offs created and income from continuing education for professionals.

In the dimension of conviction and contribution to regional development, where it occupies 2nd position at national level and 12th at European level, its volume of income from different regional financing sources and the ratio of degree students who work in the region are  and it continues to be the university with the lowest rate of unemployment in the Basque Country

Research is another area in which the university stands out, being classified as excellent in securing external funding for research.

On the aspect of teaching and learning, the University again stands out with a classification of very good practically in all sections, where the rate of degree and master graduations is exceptional.

Finally, with regard to international focus, the mobility of students is classified as excellent.


The CyD ranking, of the Knowledge and Development Foundation, is the highest ranking of Spanish universities. In its 2019 edition it published on 23 fields of knowledge and 2,235 degrees for 73 universities, representing 90% of the 81 Spanish universities.

It is a multidimensional ranking that groups 36 indicators based on 5 aspects: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and contribution to regional development.

In the 2019 edition, Mondragon University was among the 6 universities with the highest performance in the country, standing out in the fields of "knowledge transfer" and "contribution to regional development".

Furthermore, MU obtained 3rd and 5th place in the fields of industrial engineering and mechanical engineering respectively.


The U-Ranking (Synthetic Indicators of the Spanish University System), developed in collaboration with BBVA and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (“IVIE”), analyses and compares universities in terms of their teaching, research, and  innovation and technological development activities, and ranks institutions for each field and for the university activities as a whole.

In the 2019 edition, U-Ranking includes 62 universities and analyses close to 3000 official university degrees.

In the seventh edition, Mondragon University obtained 8th place in the general ranking, standing out particularly in the area of teaching performance where it obtained 2nd place.  For innovation and technological development, it was ranked 11th and for research 15th.