Mission, vision, values and culture


Mondragon University is a cooperative university, of public utility, integrated in Mondragon, of social initiative and dedication as well as non-profit making, whose primary aim is the transformation of society through the comprehensive education of persons and the generation and transfer of knowledge.

We promote quality comprehensive education, which includes not only scientific-technical knowledge but the competences and values derived from the cooperative experience with the aim that our students are active agents of the transformation of society, contributing to humanistic, technological and sustainable economic progress, through the development of enterprises/organisations and entrepreneurship.

Mondragon University will promote the necessary conditions in order to have an innovative group of persons committed to the satisfaction of their students, enterprises and other organisations.

Mondragon University considers itself participant in a global university system.


Mondragon University is an innovative university, committed to the social and business environment.

It leads university educational innovation through the transformation of learning processes capable of designing flexible and personalisable education routes, integrating cross-cutting digitalisation in all its services and learning processes.

The students and graduates of Mondragon University are highly valued by society, given their knowledge, attitude, learning capacity, technical competence and international experience and values such as cooperation and commitment.

The degree students, coming primarily from the Basque Country, develop in an environment strongly linked to the territory and open to the world. The post-graduate and life-long learning courses have extended their area of influence to new stable and international geographical fields.

Mondragon University is renowned for its collaborative model of research and its transfer projects. It has contributed to improving the competitiveness of the business fabric of the Basque Country, to the development of the gastronomic sector and to the transformation of the educational system in the Basque Country.

It is very well positioned in emerging fields and also in some areas it constitutes a benchmark at an international level.

Mondragon University has led development in the area of knowledge, promotion and innovation in MONDRAGON.


Cooperation and inter-cooperation

Being owners and protagonists means working on “something of your own” and considering the University as a joint project that promotes inter-cooperation among the centres which comprise it as well as with other cooperatives and organisations.


Permanent attitude of seeking new options in all fields of action, as a necessary condition for progress, accepting change as something necessary and essential in university life.


The participation of people in the development of our university project is not only a right but an obligation and involves co-responsibility and being self-demanding. The participation of work partners, students, cooperating enterprises, constitutes a competitive advantage of an on-going nature.

Social Responsibility

Transmitting know-how and accumulated knowledge, inside and outside the University, is one way of ensuring consolidated distribution of wealth, making a marked impact on the immediate environment, whose improvement and development we feel particularly committed to. 

Development of the person to transform society

Educating people to be active agents in the transformation of society and who contribute to humanistic, technological and economic progress is the framework of a fairer, more committed and more equalitarian society.


  1. Cooperativist culture: focused on the person, on self-management, being self-demanding, supportive and transparent.
  2. Excellence: in teaching, the education process, research, providing services and in management.
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness in work:Rigour Orientation towards results Committed to objectives
  4. Euskaldun: committed to the Basque Country and to its cultural, linguistic, economic and technological development.
  5. Open and universal: cooperation and exchange with centres, people and entities throughout the world with the aim of strengthening more advanced universal thought.
  6. Social commitment: non elitist, equality of opportunities, collective progress and team work.
  7. Service: availability, flexibility, commitment to enterprises/organisations and to society.
  8. Innovation and entrepreneurship: promoting creativity and the generation of new activities.
  9. Closeness, proximity and cooperation with students: strengthening their integral development and autonomy.
  10. Close inter-relations with enterprises and organisations
  11. Sensitive and committed to the natural and social environment