Strategic plan


Every four years, Mondragon University sets up a strategic reflection process with the participation of a large percentage of the University community as well as people from outside who contribute to enriching a plan that aims, among other things, to respond to the commitment to social transformation - outlined in the mission statement of the university - through its university teaching activities, research and transfer, and training for professionals.

The 2017-2020 strategic plan establishes, as primary strategic challenges, the following:

  • To construct an innovative, educational, differential and quality experience
  • To promote international openness and presence in new markets
  • To be a University renowned for its research for enterprises and other organisations
  • To serve as a fundamental node of knowledge of the ecosystem of MONDRAGON

For its development 5 levers have been identified, namely:

  • Training
  • Digitalisation
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Specialisation
  • Inter-cooperation


The University’s Strategic Plan, initially projected for 4 years, is reviewed yearly following the annual Management Plan which incorporates, among others, specific actions and objectives aimed at developing the challenges identified in the Strategic Plan.

This annual review consists of both a qualitative and a quantitative analysis of the objectives and indicators established in the Strategic Plan and makes it possible, on the other hand, to monitor the degree of fulfilment, facilitating the identification of aspects that need improving as well as possible new strategic challenges of relevance that may arise during the strategic period and that were not initially foreseen.

This direct relation between the multi-yearly strategic plan and the annual management plans significantly enhances the degree of fulfilment of the objectives established in the Strategic Plan.