Dependent organizations

Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Mondragon University) is a young university, created in 1997 and officially recognised by Law 4/1997 of 30 May 1997 and at the present time has no dependent foundations or entities.

The University was founded by the association of three cooperatives, bolstered by extensive experience in the world of education, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa "Jose Mª Arizmendiarrieta, S. Coop., ETEO S. Coop. (currently MU Enpresagintza S. Coop.) and Irakasle Eskola S. Coop., which today constitute the two Faculties and School of Engineering of the University.
Mondragon University is a second-degree cooperative made up of these faculties which, in turn, like first-degree cooperatives, constitute independent legal entities and participate in the second-degree cooperative according to the terms established in its statutes.

The Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, a centre attached to Mondragon University, is part of the Basque Culinary Center Hezkuntza Fundazioa Foundation. Mondragon University forms part of the Centre’s board of trustees and the positions of President and Secretary are occupied by the University’s Rector and Secretary General.