In Mondragon University, given its cooperative nature, the economic remuneration of its members is done by monthly part payments in anticipation of the final results of the economic activity of the cooperative for each financial year. The levels corresponding to said part payments are based on what is established in the remuneration system, which outlines the framework criteria and basic premises of action on remuneration matters. All the people in the university are assigned to a professional scale and are classified within the same, by designating a Professional Rate depending on the responsibilities assumed and on their response to certain professional factors and parameters.

The Professional Rates are situated at a level between 1.4 and 4.5. However, some unipersonal positions at Rectorate level may exceed said margins.

By way of reference, the rate 1.4 is approximately equal to a gross annual salary of 21,000 euros, while the 4.5 rate corresponds approximately to 70,500 euros gross annual salary. Situated at these levels are the PDI (initials in Spanish for Research Professor Staff) and PAS (initials in Spanish for Administration and Services Staff), whose professional assessment depends on the work undertaken and their work post.

The professional rates for each of the groups include:

  • PAS (Administration and Services Staff): from 1,4 to 2,6
  • PDI (Research Professor Staff): from 2,0 to 3,5
  • Management teams: 3,3 to 4,5



Personnel 2017-2018


  TOTAL PDI Total PAS Total PEI Total PTA Total
TOTAL 643 461 132 34 16
Men 352 279 34 25 14
Women 291 182 98 9 2


Personal por categoría 201-2018


  TOTAL Hombres Mujeres
TOTAL 643 352 291
PDI 461 279 182

Profesorado agregado y titular

342 196 146


119 83 36
PAS 132 34 98

PAS administrativo y de servicios

122 29 97

PAS administrativo de investigación

6 5 1



Evolution PDI and PAS

PDI (Research Professor Staff) evolution by gender in %

PAS evolution by gender in %

Evolution of full-time equivalent PDI (ETC)

PAS (Administration and Services Staff) Evaluation equivalent to full time over the total

Evaluation of PAS and PDI who participate in teaching activities