Social Council


Each of the Faculties of Mondragon University has a body, the Faculty Board (“Consejo Social”), in which all the workers of the Faculty are represented including cooperative members, employees and doctoral students.

The Faculty Board deals with the most important issues on a monthly basis:

  • Economic progress:  Income and expenditure for each of the activities; statutory national curriculum, continuous education, research, knowledge transfer, etc.
  • Monitoring the most significant strategic actions: launching new degrees, starting-up new research groups, development of infrastructure, relevant projects, etc.
  • Monitoring indicators: numbers of students, student and company satisfaction, scientific output, etc.
  • Monitoring all kinds of issues related to the satisfaction of the workers.

The function of the Faculty Board is to gather the opinion of all the workers (undertaken through monthly meetings of each representative  with their represented members) on any of these issues, share the opinion with the Faculty Board itself in order to reach significant agreements for the organization in general, and channel this to the governing bodies of the Faculty (Board of Directors, Governing Council and, ultimately, General Assembly).

The President of the Faculty Board is a representative of the Governing Council, and the Director General of the Faculty attends all the Faculty Board meetings as a guest.

The Faculty Board also channels the election of representatives to the Governing Council, and is a consultative body for a multitude of issues, from the Management Plan to matters of lesser relevance and internal improvement.

The Faculty Board has its own budget for the organization of social activities to promote the link between the employees and the organization.