Main channels of communications with the student body


Mondragon University has different channels of communication with students.

From the website itself to the Intranet of each faculty.

For new students there are two micro-sites where specific information is available for each of the interest groups they may access and from where they can consult various themes with the university via the sections “Ask and we will reply”. PREST is the micro-site aimed at new degree students and Mondragon University and university master course students.

Likewise, Mondragon University has a television channel, MUtelebista, where various events are broadcast via streaming and weekly reports of interest are published for students participating in them.

The university also has different channels of communication on Internet namely TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram and YouTube through which contact is maintained with students, the association of ex-students of Mondragon University, enterprises, collaborators and society in general.

Not to be forgotten is MUkomunitatea, a space which brings together blogs of the various knowledge areas of Mondragon University which offer open information for the groups that interact with the university.

Furthermore, all students can contact the teaching staff directly via the University directory

The latest innovation in the field of communication for the students of the University of Mondragon is the KoNet App, through which they can use different applications from their telephone and from their computer