Registration and enrolment

Official Degree

Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering


120 ECTS

2 years


Arrasate-Mondragon, Orona Ideo

Class size

105 places


Spanish, English



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PDF Catalogue


When to Register

  • Normal period: from 1-12-2021 until 8-07-2022
  • Extended period: from 11-07-2022 to 9-09-2022

It is essential to attach a copy of your ID document (ie Passport)


Where to Register




The enrollment will be made once the student has been admitted to the degree that has been registered.

Enrolment dates for course 2022/2023 and it will be carried out exclusively online:

  • ORDINARY CALL: from 13th until 18th of July 2022
  • EXTRAORDINARY CALL: from 19th of July until 13th of September 2022 (depending on vacancy)

The deadline for registration at Biteri Hall of Residence coincides in all cases with the course enrolment deadline


Enrolled ECTS credits

  Minimum Maximum
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering 20 ECTS 72 ECTS



  1. In any case, the enrolment should be formalised by the the interested student.
  2. At the time of registration, the student should have a personal email account and a mobile phone number, in order submit the required documents electronically.
  3. We recommend the student be the holder or co-holder of the account or passbook that will be used for the payment of the tuition fees.
  4. All documents scanned in PDF format should be available at the time of enrolment.

Documentation required for enrolment

Master’s degree, New

Master’s degree, Veterans

ID (if it has been renewed in the last academic year)   x

1 photo (card size)



(*) Direct debit document (SEPA) -> This document will be automatically generated in the self-enrollment application



(**) Documentation indicating the SSN (Social Security Number) x (if in previous courses you have not done an internship) x (if in previous courses you have not done an internship)

Photocopy of valid proof of large family



Baccalaureate Honour Enrolment Certificate (where applicable)



Photocopy of the Osakidetza card (in the event of residing in the Biteri Hall of Residence).



(***) Official title of the university studies attended (or receipt if requested)




Note (*): Direct debit document (SEPA)

  • If the student is the holder or co-holder of the account, he/she will digitally sign the authorization for payment in the self-enrollment application.
  • If the student is not the holder or co-holder of the account, the personal and bank details of the account holder will be requested and the account holder must digitally sign the authorization for payment in the application for self-registration and the document will be automatically registered.

Note (**): Documentation indicating the SSN (Social Security Number)

  • Normally this number (and the document in which it appears) is provided to the students in previous stages (Compulsory Secondary Education 'ESO' or Bachillerato). However, in case of loos or not having this document, the interested part must go personally to a Social Security Office with his/her ID and request it.

Nota (***): Official title of the university studies attended (or receipt if requested) MGEP

  • If at the time of enrolment the student does not accredit having passed the previous studies that give access to the degree, the enrolment will be conditioned to the fulfilment of this requirement.


Information for new Students

These are the minimum recommended characteristics if you are going to purchase a new laptop:

  • Windows 10 64 bit.
  • Intel Core i5 processor or higher.
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM.
  • 256 GB hard disk (SSD recommended).
  • Graphic card with 1 GB of dedicated memory or higher.
  • 15.6 inch screen.
  • Minimum guarantee of 3 years recommended.

If you already have a laptop do not worry, depending on its characteristics it may be valid. You can confirm this at the following email address: