Accommodation and transport

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Teaching Habilitation for the Exercise of the Profession of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Teaching of Languages



1 year


Eskoriatza and As Fabrik Bilbao

Class size

50 places




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Mondragon University offers you various accommodation options close to the university centre throughout the course.

Biteri hall of residence

The Pedro Biteri y Arana Hall Of Residence is a university centre affiliated to Mondragon University.

It's an institution that tries to support students in their studies, looking after basic needs (lodging and meals) and providing academic training assistance as an academic extra.

The staff of the Hall of Residence try to be a source of support in the student's academic journey, so that, working side-by-side, the student can achieve undreamt-of challenges.

In addition, the Hall of Residence helps students make new, lifelong friends in a healthy environment, so that, on the basis of mutual respect, students, individually and as a team, will experience an unforgettable few years.

*The Hall of Residence serves the campuses of Eskoriatza, Aretxabaleta, Arrasate and Oñati.



Mondragon University has no transport service of its own; however, there is a complete public transport network in and around the campus. Consult the Internet for transport timetables.

Public transport schedules