Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Teaching Habilitation for the Exercise of the Profession of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Teaching of Languages



1 year


Eskoriatza and As Fabrik Bilbao

Class size

50 places




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Teaching-learning process


The organisation of the teaching-learning process is based on the principles of the educational model of Mondragon University, which we can summarise as follows:

  • To promote significant learning , by linking learning based on previous experience with professional reality.
  • To develop autonomous learning and student responsibility.
  • To enable learning within teams.
  • To connect theory and professional practice.
  • To mutually connect the teaching of different subjects.
  • The focus of learning is the student, and the student's learning project will define the training timetable.

Functional and significant learning through the following methodological strategies: analysis of cases, analysis and reflection about specific situations, research and discussion of information and other methodologies based on projects.

Each ECTS requires 25 hours of work by students.

Educational model

  • Responsibility and autonomy of the student: the student as the focus of learning. The projects selected by the students themselves will define their learning path.
  • Technical and transversal competences: to be developed by the student (participation, innovation, commitment by social transformation).
  • Functional and significant learning.