Objetives and competences

Oficial Degree

Degree in Business Data Analytics


240 ETCS

4 years




Spanish, English



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The aim of the degree in Business Data Analytics is to train future professionals in the field of data science and artificial intelligence in order to provide a real response to business needs.


The degree is based on the skills required by a data scientist to respond to the needs of companies and institutions by analysing data and implementing artificial intelligence.
These are some of the most important skills that students of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Analytics will acquire:
  • You will be able to design and execute data analysis projects.
  • You will be able to respond to business needs using data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • You will be able to efficiently transmit the results obtained.
  • You will acquire technological knowledge in the field of data (infrastructure, programming and databases).
  • You will acquire analytical skills applied to the field of data (statistics, mathematics and mathematical modelling).
  • You will acquire knowledge in different business fields (economics, finance, marketing, operations, health, industry, etc.).