Fee, grants and scholarships

Oficial Degree

Degree in Business Data Analytics


240 ETCS

4 years




Spanish, English



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The complete enrolment fees for the academic year 2023-2024 are as follows:


Annual amount for 2024-25




  • First payment on formalising the enrolment + Rest 9 payment by direct debit (october to june).

National Travel: The tuition fee includes travel and accommodation

International Travel: The price does not include transport and accommodation


The Governing Board update the amount every academic year

Grants and Scholarships

At Mondragon University we guarantee that nobody should have to end their studies prematurely for economic reasons. To achieve this, we make use of official grants and also some grants provided by the university itself- BEKABIDE Programme.

We believe that economic difficulties should not constitute an obstacle to study in our university. This is the principle that BEKABIDE is based on. Under this programme, we look at the economic situation of the family of the student, in order to match payments to each course and, if appropriate, to help to obtain and process a scholarship. The grants offered are as follows:

Official Grants- Open Competitions

Official grants: Registration, teaching material, re-location, housing, compensation, transport grants, cooperation grants (for fourth year students).

University Grants

  • Grants for large families.
  • Grants for families with any member disabled.
  • Grants for single-parent families.
  • Registration grants for obtaining honours in the Bachillerato/Baccalaureat.

Erasmus Scholarships

  • Grants to study abroad.
  • Additional mobility grants.

Grants are managed by the University.

  • Collaboration scholarships in university departments
  • Grants for the thesis.


  • To combine studies and work.


Your studies must not be a burden on your family: BEKABIDE

Phone or otherwise contact us. We are always happy to help you.