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4 years




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IQAS - Internal Quality Assurance System

The EHEA framework and the new changes introduced in Spanish regulations establish that universities must guarantee, through their actions, the fulfilment of objectives related to the tuition given, always in search of continuous improvement.

For this reason, the HPC (Higher Polytechnic College) of Mondragon University has designed its own system of Internal Quality Assurance in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the AUDIT programme of NAQAA (National Agency of Quality Assessment and Accreditation).

Quality Manual Processes Procedure IQAS implementing certification award
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Suggestions and proposals for improvement, formulated by students, are one of the principal tools on which the University relies for continuous improvement.



Authorization of the degree of the Basque Government.

This is a programme for the evaluation of the proposals of official study plans designed in line with the EHEA (European Higher Education Area).

A favourable ANECA report is an essential pre-requisite for the degree to become official.

Memory application approval Final ANECA Report Formalizing agreements and registration RUCT
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General Disposition



It is a program in service to the universities to facilitate the monitoring of the official titles in order to verify its correct implementation and results.

Monitoring report UNIBASQ Report
PDF 2015/16 Pending



A programme for the proposal of modifications to the verification report of an oficial degree.

Definitive report of modifications
PDF 2013
PDF 2014



Is a programme which aims to make the assessment of official degrees. Has as its main objective to see if the results of the title are adequate and allow adequate guarantee the continuity of the teaching of the same until the following renewal of accreditation.

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This programme offers to the titles of certain disciplines the possibility of obtaining an international stamp "EUR-ACE ®" of recognised prestige simultaneously with the process of renewal of accreditation of the title.



This is a support programme to universities in the design of their own mechanisms to manage the quality of teaching by university teaching staff, and to promote their development and reputation.

PDF Teaching Evaluation Manual
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