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First Aid Training Course

HEALTH AND SPORT First Aid Training Course 2018·12·10

The Emergency Team of Biteri has received training in First Aid.

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The Drawing group designs Christmas postcards

SOCIOCULTURAL The Drawing group designs Christmas postcards 2018·12·04

The Drawing group and the Coexistence team of Biteri collaborate to put into action some Christmas activities.

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Second Biteri's mus tournament

SOCIOCULTURAL Second Biteri's mus tournament 2018·11·27

Due to the success of the first mus tournament, the Coexistence team has organized a second one.

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Talk about transsexuality

TALK Talk about transsexuality 2018·11·27

Errespetuz, the Basque association for the defense and integration of transsexual people, came to Biteri to voice its work.

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SOCIOCULTURAL Talo-jana 2018·11·20

The members of the Gastronomy Group of Biteri organized a workshop for making talos.

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Emotional intelligence course

SOCIOCULTURAL Emotional intelligence course 2018·11·15

The coexistence team has received training on emotion management.

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Emergency Team received a course about the Self-protection Plan

SOCIOCULTURAL Emergency Team received a course about the Self-protection Plan 2018·11·13

The team in charge of collaborating in the dissolution of emergencies continues with the training sessions.

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Talk about equality

TALK Talk about equality 2018·11·12

Piper Txuriak, the team of men in favour of equality, invited us to think over about sexism.

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New masculinities

TALK New masculinities 2018·11·05

Ritxar Bacete, an expert on gender and masculinity, gives a talk about the male role in the process of approaching equality.

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Omelette contest

SOCIOCULTURAL Omelette contest 2018·10·30

The collegiate students have had the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills.

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Voluntary work in mental health

SOLIDARITY Voluntary work in mental health 2018·10·24

Volunteering starts at San Juan de Dios Hospital

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Fire drill

SOCIOCULTURAL Fire drill 2018·10·23

The Emergency Team of Biteri evacuates the building

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Race in Donostia

HEALTH AND SPORT Race in Donostia 2018·10·21

The runners of Biteri have participated in the 15K + 5K Donostiako klasikoa

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Mexican dinner

SOCIOCULTURAL Mexican dinner 2018·10·10

Not only were we able to taste Mexican flavours, but also multiculturalism.

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Mexicans visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

SOCIOCULTURAL Mexicans visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe 2018·10·03

Mexican students travel to the Bizkaia coast and the capital city.

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Firefighters give a course

SOCIOCULTURAL Firefighters give a course 2018·10·02

The Emergency Team is ready to collaborate in the dissolution of emergencies.

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Sports meeting among Halls of Residence in Madrid

HEALTH AND SPORT Sports meeting among Halls of Residence in Madrid 2018·09·29

Biteri once again takes place in this intercollegiate experience.

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Table tennis and “mus” championship

HEALTH AND SPORT Table tennis and “mus” championship 2018·09·25

The coexistence team warms up Biteri’s nights organizing tournaments.

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Talk about blood donations

TALK Talk about blood donations 2018·09·20

The Association of Blood Donors of Álava reminded us that donating blood is giving life.

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The new course has taken off in Biteri

HEALTH AND SPORT The new course has taken off in Biteri 2018·09·04

We started the new course with a mountain walk to Besaide.

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Good atmosphere

Sociocultural Good atmosphere 2018·05·28

Taking a rest after a long studying day, who said that Mondays were boring?

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First aid, second part.

Sociocultural First aid, second part. 2018·05·08

The second session of the first aid course started with an improvised practical case.

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First aid course

Sociocultural First aid course 2018·05·02

The members of the emergency group received the first session of a first aid course.

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The last show

Sociocultural The last show 2018·05·02

The fourth session of Magic, leaded by Imanol Ituiño, means the ending of the Magic Cycle of Biteri.

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Last session of Elkarrikutzen

Sociocultural Last session of Elkarrikutzen 2018·05·02

One of the most popular activities has already ended.

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Magic one more time!

Sociocultural Magic one more time! 2018·04·25

It´s time to repeat the experience at the Hall of Residence. We another great magician is coming, David the Mage.

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Social gathering ACABE 2018·04·23

The ACABE group offered a talk about anorexia and bulimia.

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Magic at Biteri again

Sociocultural Magic at Biteri again 2018·04·18

2nd session of magic in Biteri, this time with the amazing Asier Kidam.

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T-shirt workshop

Sociocultural T-shirt workshop 2018·04·16

The Drawing Group have set a workshop where we´ve been able to custom our own t-shirts.

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Altrius the magician

Sociocultural Altrius the magician 2018·04·11

First session of the Cycle of Magic with Altrius the magician.

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