Fees, grants and scholarships

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Innovation and educational intervention


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 1 year).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).



Class size

14 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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The cost of first year enrolment for full-time studies is €4,000. The cost of subsequent years is €3,000. In terms of part-time studies, the cost of the first two years is €3,000, while the cost of subsequent years is €2,000.

In both cases, students that complete their theses in associated technology centres will receive a 50% discount on enrolment fees.

The cost of additional training that profiles without direct acceptance into the programme must complete is €80/ECTS.

Scholarships and grants

It is an essential requirement that students with administrative residency in Spain apply for at least one of the public grants available for doctorate studies.

In addition to these grants, we recommend requesting information about possible grants from public organisations that offer financing meant for research projects during certain periods.