Gastronomy Sciences

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Gastronomy Sciencies


Full time: 3 years (with the possibility of extending by 1 year).

Part time: 5 years (with the possibility of extending by 2 years).


Donostia - San Sebastián

Class size

5 places


Spanish, Basque, English



Research in food sciences
Research in management, society and culture
Attend conferensses, stays abroad...

The Gastronomic Sciences Doctorate Programme consists of training future researchers in the area of gastronomic sciences, transferring knowledge to future haute cuisine professionals and commercial sectors, as well as those directly and indirectly related to gastronomy: food technologies, nutrition, functional food, agri-food equipment, etc., while simultaneously encouraging synergies between them.

The Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences - Basque Culinary Center of Mondragon Unibertsitatea sees necessary the development of a Doctorate Programme in Gastronomic Sciences, where students internalise and use valid tools for research in order to advance any aspect of the sector.

The programme is based on a collaborative agreement between AZTI, Neiker, and BCC Innovation, which will welcome and direct doctoral theses within the framework of their lines of research. In addition, Copenhagen University will also participate in the programme.


What do you want to research?

These are the research teams affiliated with the Doctorate Programme: Food Sciences Management, Society, and Culture

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Research in Food Sciences, Management, Society and Cultures.

50% bonus for theses that are made in the associated technology centers.

This program includes 2 research teams that work in 5 different lines.

International pioneer program.

"The world is already prepared to mix science and gastronomy. This PhD programis an interesting catalyst to crate a successful interaction"