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Master's Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management



On-site: 1 year

Online: 1,5 - 3 years


Orona Ideo

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The students Eneko Maguregui and Aner Urruzuno have developed the challenges proposed by different companies applying the Industry-Based Problem-Based Learning methodology. Both are students of the Master’s Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management.


512x262Eneko Maguregui

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  • How would you define the Industry-Based Problem-Based Learning methodology?

A.U.: I would say that it is a way of learning that consists of facing a real challenge of a company. That is, it consists of applying the theory received in different subjects in real situations and making it useful.

E.M.: Being in contact with different companies immerses us in a professional environment, which will help us in the future.

  • How was the collaboration with the company EMBALAN?

E.M.: The Company asked us to expand its product in a new market; We analysed, on the one hand, the product, and on the other hand, the online distribution. We overcame the challenge by working as a group, and since we are students who come from different grades, we created a multidisciplinary group: one for business management, one for mechanics, and one for the biomedical area.

A.U.: The Company provided us with a workspace in its facilities, and we were in continuous contact with the staff. Once immersed in the operation of the company, we carried out the challenges thanks to periodic meetings.

  • You have also participated in the KOKREA project.

A.U.: Yes. We had to face three challenges in it. Representatives of a company came every morning to share their problem with us, and we had to find a solution within 10 days. In the end, we presented all our solutions in a conference organised in Tabakalera, Donostia.

  • So, would you say that the Industry-Based Problem-Based Learning methodology is enriching?

E.M.: Absolutely. In my case, it allows me to work on the relationship that I have not been able to cultivate during the four years of the course.