Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management



On-site: 1 year

Online: 1,5 - 3 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

55 places


Spanish, English




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The MIP methodology is based on the integration of different methodological approaches based on active education, promoting the development, application and implementation of the skills learned.

The aim of all these activities is to facilitate support to, and interaction with students, in order to develop their individual capabilities and independence, and, at the same time to develop leadership capacities and skills required to assume responsibilities in a team-working environment.

  • The "structured knowledge" Theoretical Exhibition: using this theoretical exhibition, the latest body of knowledge will be structured as it relates to the three areas of the Masters degree: operations management, project management and the strategic management of innovation.
  • Presentations by professionals in relevant areas of business: Professionals in relevant areas of business will draw out a set of best practices by means of oral presentations. Your sharing and critical reflection will help generate greater understanding.
  • Case Studies: analysis, discussion and suggested solutions to real-life situations based on examples where students apply the knowledge they have gained in practical ways.
  • Learning based on the "PBL" projects/problems: throughout the course, participants work in teams to prepare, analyse, solve and present the projects/problems that they are raising.
  • Other methods of active teaching : students further develop their individual and group knowledge and skills through other activities such as simulations, board games and role playing.


Educational experiences