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Master's Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management



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Online: 1,5 - 3 years


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The Master’s Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management (MIP) is aimed at responding to the key challenges faced by companies in the new economy, in which the speed at which the idea materialises and the efficiency of its development are critical to reaching a competitive advantage. In this context, innovation and project management are essential for the optimisation of performance in organisations.

Additionally, the MIP (Master’s Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management) offers the development of skills in the field of people management, as well as a vision of the organisational models of excellent companies.

Targeted at students with official education assigned to the branches of knowledge of Engineering/Architecture (direct access). Graduates in Social and Legal Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences, and Arts and Humanities (with training complements).


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In-company TFM: 3 months of internship in a company with a paid scholarship during the second semester

Possibility of certification in CAPM/PMP. Internationally recognised Project Management Certifications

Participation in the Global Management Challenge, the biggest competition about strategy and business management based on simulation

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METHODOLOGY Industry Based - Project Based Learning

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Professionals Outings

The Master’s Degree in Business Innovation and Project Management (MIP) will train the student to:

  • Develop skills for the analysis of situations of uncertainty, decision making, and innovation management in order to achieve its proper application.
  • Promote in the organisation the permanent identification of new opportunities, as well as the effective management of the project portfolio.
  • Ensure excellence in the management of the organisation’s projects to materialise the changes, new products and services and desired results while optimising deadlines and costs.
  • Promote innovation and the development of new business activities through the promotion of a culture of innovation and knowledge of processes and activities related to the development of new and/or improved products, services, processes, business models, and other innovations.
  • Develop, from an ethical and responsible standpoint, the leadership capacity while integrating the managerial and organisational skills and abilities necessary for this purpose.


The competences acquired in the MIP form the students to assume responsibilities such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Responsible for innovation, development, and continuous improvement.
  • Promoter of new business activities.
  • Responsible for logistic-productive processes.
  • Consulting activities.

Job Positions

With the basic training of the MIP and the accumulated experience along your career curve, you can access positions such as:

  • Director of the Project Office (PMO).
  • Director of Innovation.
  • Director of New Business.
  • Business Director (Manager).
  • Technological or Research Director.