Official Degree

Graduated in Mechanics Engineering


240 ECTS

4 years


Arrasate-Mondragón, Goierri

Class size

110 places


Spanish, Basque, English



PDF Catalogue

Organization of the lessons according to the 2010 Plan


  • C: Compulsory
  • OP: Optional
  • T: Master Thesis


  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Understanding of organisations and companies C 2
PDF The work of managers and management skills C 3
PDF Responsibilities of organisations and their directors C 1
PDF Systemic thought C 2
PDF Analysis and definition of strategy in the new economy C 4
The dynamic organisation, its design, management of change and internal learning
C 4
PDF Techniques and tools of innovation management C 2
PDF Project Management C 6
PDF Management of innovation and entrepreneurship in the organisation C 6
PDF Accounting and finance for managers OP 3
PDF Operations for managers OP 3
PDF Production engineering OP 3
PDF Advanced Statistics for the company OP 6
PDF Marketing for managers OP 3
PDF Quality Management OP 3
PDF Financial markets OP 3
PDF Management of a portfolio and programme management OP 4
PDF Models of organisational maturity for self-aware organisations OP 2
PDF Internship C 7
PDF Final Degree Project T 8
  Total   75

Note: of the 75 ECTS available the student must complete 60 ECTS