Work experience and projects

Official Degree

Degree in Primary Education


240 ECTS

4 years


Eskoriatza and As Fabrik Bilbao

Class size

225 Places


Basque, Spanish and English


On-site / Blended

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Work experience and projects

The Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences has created a network of Primary schools in which students can carry out their practicum (course of study based on practical experience). However, students can also do their practical work in any institution which offers educational activity or training (schools, hospitals, extra-curricular centres..., leisure centres, etc.).

We should stress that the faculty has from the start placed huge importance on the relationship between the university and the school in question. As is logical, the supervisors of these future teachers need to be fully aware of the characteristics of the school and its development processes, in order to take account of their needs and adapt the training they give to students.

Practical Work

The practical work provides mobility for degree students and can be done either in Spain or abroad. Moreover, the practicum offers students the opportunity of completing their training programme and experiencing other perspectives and viewpoints. The mobility mechanisms employed adapt to the objectives of the training programme. In relation to European schools, of particular interest are the schools which form part of ETEN (European Teacher Education Network), NETT (Network for the education and training of teachers) and several schools within Scotland and Wales with which we have signed agreements. As regards the educational establishments of the Americas, we have agreements with several countries in Central and South America, in particular Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Brazil, among others.


The majority of the students maintain a close relationship with different institutions, schools or educational stakeholders. Even so, the objective of the thesis is that the student and the institution build a relationship on the basis of the the student’s professional profile.

Collaborating Institutions