Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Degree in Primary Education


240 ECTS

4 years


Eskoriatza and Bilbao AS Fabrik

Class size

225 Places


Basque, Spanish and English


On-site / Blended

PDF Catalogue


Development of group projects

Mondragon University has adapted its educational model to respond to the challenges of both today's and tomorrow's society, based on: competence-based training, a close relationship between teachers and students, teamwork, continuous assessment, practical training within companies and institutions, innovation, entrepreneurship and international training.

An innovative model: Learning Based on Projects

The focus and main player in the learning process is the student. For this reason, all subjects use methodologies such as role-play of real cases, learning based on case-studies and projects, practical work, etc.

Professional competences

Thanks to the development of cross-cutting competences, students do more than just achieve technical skills, as besides acquiring knowledge, they learn how to be self-aware, how to be responsive, how to be entrepreneurs, to acquire competences such as communication, effective involvement, responsibility, leadership and critical global vision.