Study programme

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Biomedical Technologies



1,5 years



Class size

24 places


Spanish, English



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PDF Catalogue

Organization of the lessons according to the 2017 Plan


  • C: Compulsory
  • OP: Optional
  • T: Thesis
  • B: Basque
  • S: Spanish
  • E: English


1st Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) C 6 E
PDF Control Systems and Embeedded Analysis Laboratory C 3 S
PDF Advanced Biosignal Treatment C 6 E
PDF Biomedical Imaging C 4,5 E
PDF Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine C 6 E
PDF Surgical Planning and Training C 4,5 S
  Total   30  


1st Year • 2nd Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Biomechanical Design and Analysis C 6 S
PDF Additive Manufacturing C 4,5 S
PDF Automation of Biomedical Systems C 4,5 S
PDF Bioinformatics and Data Analysis C 7,5 E
PDF Digital Image Processing C 7,5 E
  Total   30  


Research Pathway

2nd Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Quantitative Research Methods OP 3 S
PDF Methodological Guidelines for preparing a Doctoral Thesis OP 3 S
PDF Production of Scientific Texts OP 3 S
PDF Research Project Management OP 3 S
PDF Modelling and Simulation OP 3 S
PDF Final Degree Project T 15 S,E
  Total   30  


Academic Pathway

2nd Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Research Thesis T 15 S,E
PDF Internships OP 15 S,E
  Total   30