Entry profile

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Biomedical Technologies



1,5 years



Class size

24 places


Spanish, English



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Entry profile

Irrespective of the degree of origin, as long as you acquire the necessary skills applicable, the profile of the right person should meet characteristics such as:

  • They must be engineering professionals with a major interest in learning about the new techniques and medical devices and contributing to the improvement of the Health Service,applying concepts, knowledge and approximations of virtually all engineering disciplines, in order to solve problems specific to the field of health.
  • Following the identification of biomedical technologies as a strategic line with a growing business fabric, other desirable characteristics of the potential student of the person include: being enterprising, with capabilities to face new, major challenges.
  • Engineers who enter the biomedical professional field should work with professionals from other fields, such as pharmacists, physicians, and biologists. Therefore, it is advisable that the person have the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • B2 level of English.
  • Spanish level B2 for foreign students from non-Spanish speaking countries.