Study programme

Official Degree

Master Degree in Robotics and Control Systems



1.5 years



Bilbao AS Fabrik (Zorrozaurre)

Class size

44 places


Spanish, English



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PDF Catalogue

Organization of the lessons according to the 2023 Plan



  • C: Compulsory
  • OP: Optional
  • T: Thesis
  • B: Basque
  • S: Spanish
  • E: English


1st Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Artificial vision C 5 E
PDF Data Analytics C 3 E
PDF Robotics: Mechanics, Modelling and Simulation C 5 E
PDF Robot Programming C 6 E
PDF Linear and non-linear control  C 5 E
PDF Analysis of Sustainable Digital Control Systems (*) OP 3 E
PDF Sensors and Measurements C 3 E
PDF Innovation management (*) OP 6 E
PDF Professional Placement I (*) OP 3 S, B, E
  Total   30  

Student must choose between (*)-marked subjects until completes 6 ECTS.

1st Year • 2nd Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Electromechanical Drives C 3 E
PDF Cybersecurity Regulations (*) OP 3 S
PDF Professional Placement II (*) OP 3 S, B, E
  AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS especiality      
PDF Mobile Robotics OP 3 E
PDF Perception OP 6 E
PDF Deep Learning OP 6 E
PDF Robotic Control Systems OP 3 E
PDF Signal Processing OP 6 E
  AUTOMATION speciality      
PDF Industrial Communications OP 3 S
PDF Human-Machine interfaces and Data Supervision, Control and Acquisition OP 3 S
PDF Advanced PLC Programming OP 6 S
PDF Synchronised Axes Control OP 6 S
PDF Machine Safety OP 3 S
PDF Hydraulic Drives OP 3 S
  Total   30  

Students must choose 1 subject from 2 electives marked with (*)

Research Pathway

2nd Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Quantitative Research Methods OP 3 S
PDF Methodological Guidelines for preparing a Doctoral Thesis OP 3 S
PDF Production of Scientific Texts OP 3 S
PDF Research Project Management OP 3 S
PDF Modelling and Simulation OP 3 S
PDF Final Degree Project T 15 S,B,E
  Total   30  


Academic Pathway

2nd Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS Languages
PDF Research Thesis T 15 S,B,E
PDF Internships OP 15 S,B,E
  Total   30  

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