Objectives and competences

Official degree

Master Degree in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing



1.5 years



Class size

30 places


Spanish, English



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Objetives y competences

The main objective of this Master's degree is to provide training on managing and executing projects in the field of data analysis, cybersecurity and/or development and operations, integrating technologies and tools at the forefront of knowledge. For this purpose, students will be trained in:

  • Knowing, understanding and selecting the fundamentals of machine learning.
  • Designing, developing and implementing pre-processing and data modelling techniques to predict, classify and group them, being able to interpret and validate the models created for the extraction of knowledge.
  • Designing, developing and implementing the process of data ingestion, storage and parallel processing.
  • Designing, developing and implementing an advanced data analysis process to respond to the nature of the data and the objective of the task to be executed.
  • Designing, developing and implementing the model of data representation according to their nature and interpreting them to extract knowledge.
  • Recognising the main computer threats and vulnerabilities and designing, developing and implementing existing security countermeasures at the level of infrastructures and networks to address them.
  • Defining, designing and conducting offensive security audits on target networks and infrastructure, exploiting existing vulnerabilities, so that it can identify different attack vectors.
  • Auditing software, using tools that allow the search for security vulnerabilities and being able to support the development of more secure software.
  • Understanding existing legislation and regulations on cybersecurity and verifying the compliance of the system with respect to them.
  • Defining, designing and implementing scalable, flexible and resilient architectures that address existing problems and accelerating the deployment of different applications.
  • Designing and automating the test management processes, changes, deployment and updates of business solutions while optimising the software life cycle.
  • Developing scalable and flexible software using advanced software architectures.
  • Using computer tools to address complex problems of data analysis, cybersecurity and/or development and operations. Carrying out complex engineering projects.
  • Applying computer techniques of data analysis, cybersecurity and/or development and operations to new fields of application while considering commercial and industrial barriers.


On the other hand, the learning results achieved in this Master's degree are adapted to Level 3 of the MECES (Spanish Framework of Qualifications for Higher Education).



Official Gazette of the State

Spanish Framework of Qualifications for Higher Education