Objectives and competences

Official degree

Master Degree in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing



1.5 years



Class size

30 places


Spanish, English



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Objetives y competences

The main objective of this master's degree is to train students to manage and run significant real projects within the field of data analysis, cybersecurity and/or development and operations, integrating transformative technologies and tools at the forefront of knowledge.


Data analysis

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques you will be capable of extracting knowledge from the data, designing, implementing and managing its entire life cycle. To do so, you will work from the intake of data to the visualisation of results, including pre-processing and the application of algorithms to obtain the most appropriate models. You will carry out this approach starting with traditional machine learning algorithms and moving on to Deep Learning algorithms, while making use of paradigms such as Big Data.



You will acquire knowledge for managing cybersecurity as a whole, both at service, network or software level and at organisational level.



You will get to know the value added to a company by the organisation and management of the processes of development, roll-out and improvement of quality of the software and the use of cloud infrastructures. Working with cutting-edge patterns, architectures, technologies and methodologies in software development and infrastructure provision in cloud environments such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform.


Integration of all areas

You will have the capacity to develop projects specific to each subject, as well as to combine them with one another. You will be capable of rolling out and managing secure infrastructures locally and in the cloud, and of making the most of the data produced by services executed in it securely..