Employment opportunities

Official degree

Master Degree in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing



1.5 years



Class size

30 places


Spanish, English



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Employment opportunities:

Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the Master's Degree in Data Analysis, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, you will be capable of developing your professional future in any sector of the labour market, being able to carry out various roles in the four fields contained in the following table:

Cybersecurity Engineer

You will be a professional responsible for designing, developing and applying security measures both in the design and development of products and services as well as to protect the computer systems, networks and data from cyber threats..

DevOps Engineer

You will be a professional specialising in the intersection of software development and IT operations, combining the skills of software development, systems administration and agile methodologies to manage the entire software development life cycle: software construction, testing, review, delivery and roll-out, together with supply of the cloud infrastructures.

Data scientist

You will work in an interdisciplinary field that combines statistics, data analysis, automated learning, and their related methods, for the purpose of understanding and analysing real phenomena.


Cloud infrastructure architect

You will be responsible for designing and providing secure, scalable and efficient cloud infrastructures that meet the needs of the organisation and are in line with the business objectives. You will be an expert in platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Solutions Architect

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining a complete overview of the technological scene of the organisation, including the software applications, databases, infrastructure and networks. You will work closely with the development teams to guarantee that the solutions are designed and implemented according to best industry practices and the rules in place.


You will study, design and develop technologies related to data analysis, cybersecurity and/or development and operations.


Responsible(1*) CDO-Chief Data Officer CSwDO-Chief Software Developer Officer CCO-Chief Cloud Officer CISO-Chief Information Security Officer CIO-Chief Information Officer
Research (2*) Researcher Researcher Researcher Researcher CRO-Chief Research Officer
Architect (3*) Data architect Software architect Cloud infrastructure architect Cybersecurity architect Project manager
Engineer (4*) Data engineer Software, DevSecOps, DevOps engineer Cloud, DevSecOps, DevOps engineer Cybersecurity DevSecOps, engineer -
Scientists (5*)     Data scientist - - - -
Developer (6*)    MLOps Ful-Stack developer - - -


Responsible (1*): They may be responsible for managing staff, overseeing operations, implementing policies and regulations, making decisions and representing the organisation to external stakeholders.

Research (2*): It is creative and systematic work undertaken to increase knowledge. It involves the collection, organisation and analysis of evidence to increase understanding of a topic.

Architec (3*): It consists of designing and overseeing the implementation of technology systems and solutions in an organisation. They are responsible for understanding the business needs and objectives of an organisation and then translating those needs into a technology solution that can support and enable those objectives.

Engineer (4*): It usually involves the use of scientific, mathematical and technical knowledge to design, develop, test and improve products, systems and processes.

Scientists (5*): An interdisciplinary field that unifies statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and their related methods, for the purpose of understanding and analysing real phenomena.

Developer (6*): It is a job that consists of designing, creating and maintaining software applications, systems and platforms.


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