Management process

Process of management

Dual itinerary

Step 1

In May the university organizes informative sessions for the students following the orientation plan.

Step 2

Students who are finishing 1º of Degree or Master request to participate in the program of Dual Training using the management application enabled for it on the internet.

Students complete the application form providing the following information:

  • A correct and updated CV (with photo)
  • Contact information
  • Specialty and course
  • Preferences: geographical interests, car availability, etc.
  • If you are enrolled in Bekabide.

Step 3

Each degree has a number of places for students that will be assigned based on the following process:

  • Level of the project and conditions defined by the company.
  • Attitude of the student in the previous stages (30%).
  • Information provided by the student in the application (30%).
  • Academic results obtained so far by the student (40%).

Step 4

The company interested in joining the Dual Training program must make the request through this application.

The company must include information regarding:

  • Administrative data of the company.
  • Data relative to the Dual Training itself, possible duration, responsible for this and contact.
  • Contract type (CUE / Contract). How is it going to be administratively regulated.
  • Details of the training project (Description, objectives and phases).
  • Observations (associated with necessary profile requirements).

The Dual degree coordinator ensures that the training project described by the company fits the profile of the student and has been completed correctly. Otherwise, initiates a process of coordination with the company to complete the necessary information.

Step 5

The University shares with the company the CVs of the selected students that match the request made.

Step 6

The company develops the selection process of the proposed candidates.

Step 7

After the validation of a candidate by the company, the university coordinates the necessary administrative procedures with the company. 

Step 8

The student initiates his activity in the company after the authorization of the administration of the university.