ICT services


The students and staff of Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP) have a wide range of technological services offered by the Department of Information Systems.


All MGEP students are assigned a username and an email address so that they can access network resources.


Internet access

From any place at MGEP, students have access to the Internet via their username.


Wireless network

The wireless network ensures total coverage to the Iturripe Campus, which includes the three library floors, teaching and computer rooms, social premises, and dining hall. The Biteri Hall of Residence also has a wireless network.


Computer classroom

MGEP has 7 computer rooms equipped with a total of 158 computers available to students. These figures include the laboratories of each specialty. Each classroom is equipped with the necessary software so that students can develop the training relating to their courses. Also, the centre features photocopiers, printers (B/W and colour), scanners, etc. available to students.


User assistance centre (CAU)

The CAU gives support to all users of the MGEP network, including students.



MGEP has an antivirus software licence to offer students and staff the possibility of installing it on their personal computer.


Virtual Secretary

The Virtual Secretary is the student portal in which different services are offered: Making registrations, consulting notes, claims relating to exams, requesting certificates, etc.

Access to the Virtual Secretary



The Teaching/Learning Virtual Environment is supported by the Moodle platform, which serves as support for face-to-face training and as a support for e-learning.

Access to Moodle



KoNet is the free mobile application from Mondragon University, through which you can access the services, resources and information of the University using your mobile or Tablet.

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