What is a PhD?

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Applied Engineering


Full-time: 4 years

Part-time: 7 years



Class size

30 places


Spanish, Basque, English



What is a PHD?

The objective of the doctorate is that the student should develop a research project that leads to the completion of a doctoral thesis. The project will be directed by a doctor belonging to one of the research groups linked to the doctoral programme. The thesis can have a co-director from another institution.

The programme provides all doctoral students with the services and infrastructure that they need to carry out their research.

For the student the process begins with enrolment in this doctoral programme. It has a duration of three years when done full-time (which may be extended by two years in exceptional conditions) or five years when done part-time (which may be extended by three years in exceptional conditions).

The candidate shall register annually in the doctoral programme. At the beginning of the process, a tutor will be allocated to the student; the tutor will guide and collaborate in monitoring. The programme will allocate a director or directors to the student for a maximum period of three months.

The student will develop, with the help of the tutor and director, the annual Research Plan (PI), which includes strategic planning for the totality of research development, and annual planning of the details of research activities and training for the current academic year. The student will also develop, again with the help of the tutor and director, the personalised Document of Activities (DAP), which covers all the activities carried out by the student in each academic year, duly signed off. This document will be evaluated in a qualitative way at the time of the defence of the doctoral thesis.

For those wanting an International Doctorate annotation, the student must undertake a minimum stay of three months in a higher education institution or research centre that does not belong to the Spanish state. The defence of the thesis is covered by regulations relevant to this doctoral programme.

Once the thesis is completed, and subject to meeting the appropriate procedures, the student make a public defence of the thesis before a panel appointed and agreed according to the regulations of this programme.


Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme

Jose Manuel Abete

Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme (CAPD):

Permanent members:

  • Responsible for the Doctoral Programme.
  • 2 doctors representing the Masters (1 for each Department).
  • 2 doctors representing the research lines (1 for each Department).
  • 4 doctors (2 for each Department, with experience in thesis direction).
  • Academic Coordinator.
  • Academic Secretariat.
  • 1 representative of Academic Services.
  • 1 representative of Human Resources.


  • Coordinator of the MPI Department (Mechanical and Industrial Production).
  • Coordinator of the EI Department (Electronics and Computer Science).