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Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education (4 mentions)


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

150 Places


Basque (80%), Spanish (10%) and English (10%)


On-site / Blended

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02/11/2023     19/04/2024

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Enrollment deadlines


19 to 24 June 2024

If there are still spaces available, additional dates will be announced.




Things to keep in mind about studying Early Childhood Education

  •   I like to deal with young children.
  •   I am a patient and empathetic person.
  •   I've always loved teaching.


  •   I am a person with initiative.
  •   I can explain myself so that people can understand me.

Do you recognize yourself in these statements? Then this Degree is ideal for you.


Requisites to access the Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education


Contents of the Degree

  • I will be an educator
  • Children from 0 to 6 years of age: school for everyone
  • Critical analysis of today's society
  • Observation and evaluation
  • Facilitating learning and development from my role as an educator
  • Education for social transformation
  • Active didactic experiences
  • Tools and methodologies for educational innovation
  • Research agent in educational innovation

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