Videos and exercise charts


Videos and exercise charts

Our guided sessions

Videos and exercise charts

Discover our guided sessions and strength and flexibility tables



Due to the restrictions influenced by the pandemic, many of us have had to modify our physical exercise habits and more people are doing physical activity on their own.


Given this situation, from the Sports Service of Mondragon Unibertsitatea we have wanted to help the university community, offering different sessions of strength, flexibility, ... that can be done at home, each one on their own.


To do this, we have recorded videos with different circuits and exercises with the aim of helping them in their proper execution. In addition, we will be uploading the tables of each circuit so that you can have it at hand, and once you have learned how the exercises are performed, follow the routine through the table. Visit our new section "our physical activity sessions".


Remember that we offer advice to achieve the personal goals (personal trainer) of each one in a healthy way. If you are interested, contact us.

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